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Empath Awakening

September 2017


Description:The Awakening and awareness of Empaths and their role in guiding mankind for the good of our planet.

Time To Evolve

November 2017:


Description: Experienced Empaths already feel the 'shift' in the global conciousness on Earth, some know what their pre-destined roles will be. Others are only just beggining to realise, feeling a 'heigtened' sense of conciousness in themselves, waking up, becoming 'self aware' and more aware of the thoughts and feelings of those around them. It's time to connect and work together, as one mind, as one race and with one goal, to assist in the next stage of evolution and contribute toward the efforts in the fight for the survival of Mankind.

A Grounding & Protection Meditation

May 2017:


Description: A Ten minute guided daily meditation for Empaths and Sensitives to Ground & Protect themselves.

(Headphones can be worn for a more powerful audio experience.)

Empath Traits

April 2017


Description: A photo movie describing the most common traits possessed by Empaths..

Empath Self Protection

April 2017:


Description: Top tips for protecting yourself.

World Evolution

April 2017


Description: Depiction in pictures of the futility of war and the role of Empaths in the guidance of the collective conscious.

Starry Night Guided Relaxation

June 2017


Description: The starry sky visualisation is a beautiful guided imagery relaxation that describes the stars gradually appearing in a night sky at dusk.

Love Over Evil

June 2017


Description:A tribute for the families and victims at the hands of terrorists.

The Listening Post Empath Network stands with Manchester and all other cities of the world who have experienced such evil.

Message in a Bottle

Guided 10 minute Relaxation Meditation

June 2017:


Description:A guided relaxation whilst you walk along a deserted beach and discover a message in a bottle that appears to be written, personally to you.

Do you identify with the message?

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