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NEW Video Awakening Empath Signs 20 to 31

January 2018:


Description: More people than ever before are realising that they were born into this world for a very real purpose and may hide special gifts that have lain dormant in their subconscious, until now.


Are you waking up to the 'shift' In Global Consciousness?


Are you here to help others, waking up to a new way of being?


Do you identify with some of the many signs that can be attributed to an Awakening Empath?


Has your DNA Been activated?


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Empathy in the workplace

September 2017


Description: Empath's and their value in the workplace in 'diminishing' the destructive behaviours of 'bullies' and the importance of having a workforce who have the capability of showing 'empathy' towards others.

A Grounding & Connecting with Source Meditation

May 2017:


Description: A Ten minute guided daily meditation for Empaths and Sensitives to Ground and connect to source.

(Headphones can be worn for a more powerful audio experience.)

Feel Good Tips For Empaths

September 2017:


Description: Fun survival tips to help you make the most of your day without taking on too much of other peoples energies. Feel good all day everyday!

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