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NEW Video Floating on Clouds

January 2018:


Description: It is important for everyone to be able to relax and remember the true purpose of life. Too often we are caught up in busy lives and 'chaotic thinking' that makes us sick and unable to function clearly on a conscious level. This guided visualisation will free your soul, helping you to access your spiritual nature and re-charge your whole being. Re-connect with who you truly are, quiet your mind and allow light to flood your being, helping you to put things into perspective and activating your hidden potential. Find your cloud whenever you need to.....enjoy x



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NEW Video So, I'm An Empath, What Now?

January 2018


Description: So, you finally understand what's been going on with you and that you have a purpose for being here at this point in time on this planet but what are you supposed to be doing?? Besides all the usual advice on the net about coping with the shift, the traits of an Empath and how to protect yourself against 'narcissists', you need to discover your true purpose. Maybe the tips on this presentation will point you in the right direction after all, there's so much work to be done and you need to know where to start....hope it helps...Kind thoughts always x


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A Grounding & Connecting with Source Meditation

May 2017:


Description: A Ten minute guided daily meditation for Empaths and Sensitives to Ground and connect to source.

(Headphones can be worn for a more powerful audio experience.)

Feel Good Tips For Empaths

September 2017:


Description: Fun survival tips to help you make the most of your day without taking on too much of other peoples energies. Feel good all day everyday!

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