Sage Burning or Smudging

Sage Burning or (Smudging):

What is Sage Burning?

White Sage is great for clearing negative energies or negative vibrations and it does so by burning the air which may be carrying the negative vibrations or energies. The natural filling of fresh air into the area returns natural energies and vibrations. The practice can be used for clearing negative energies from place, people or objects. If you are not familiar with the term ‘smudging’ Native American tribes were known to use this method for many purposes such as healing, clearing space and also for a number of ceremonies. It was a form of spiritual cleansing and a way of restoring natural balance. Nowadays many cultures and countries around the world utilise the burning of herbs to assist in energy healing and health. Empaths in particular can benefit from the use of burning sage since it will help to clear your own energy field or the negative energies that have been picked up in everyday life or in situations such as crowded places.

Although White Sage is the herb of choice for clearing negative energies other herbs are also used and have similar benefits with herbs such as lavender, Cedar, sweetgrass, mugwort and ladies bedstraw also popular choices. You can use common garden sage but make sure that it is well dried, tightly packed into a bundle or stick and tied prior to use. The Latin for sage, ‘Salvia,’ stems from the word ‘to heal.’ The other effects of sage, when burned in this way are said to be wisdom, clarity of thought and increased spiritual awareness and these qualities are also indicated in the name. This is why we refer to this day, to people who may be ‘wise’ people or ‘sagely people’.


Smudge Sticks are freely available now but you could try and make your own. These are bundles of the herb bound together with string or you can use incense sticks. Make sure that you like the smell of the herb used as it may give you a headache or make you feel sick and it is supposed to be an enjoyable experience.

How Do You ‘Smudge’ a room with Sage?


Drift the smoke from the smouldering sage into all corners of the room and also across the doorways. Pay particular attention to the shadow spaces in the room. Drift the smoke from the floor to the ceiling but remember that this could affect any smoke detectors in the room. It can help to maintain a positive energy in the room by repeating a ‘mantra’ of choice, whilst smudging this can be whatever, feels most comfortable to you and is appropriate to the circumstances. Once the space is cleared allow the sage bundle to either burn out safely or gently stub out in a heat-proof container. You should notice a discernible shift in the energies of the room once it has been cleared.


Cleansing your home helps to keep it free from ‘stagnant’ energy which can be done anytime but around four times a year, perhaps in the spring, summer, autumn and winter is as good a time as any to do it. If you feel that your living space is being affected by negative energy that has been introduced by others (and this can happen when visitors leave energy debris behind) you would probably feel the benefits of performing a ‘smudging’ to clear the space.

How to cleanse your energy field using ‘Smudging’

To cleanse yourself of negative energy using an incense stick or a smudge stick is relatively easy. Please remember when you are finished to make sure that all ‘smoldering material’ is extinguished fully and exercise care during use of the incense stick or the smudging stick, whilst cleansing your energy field.


  • Start at your feet and slowly work up over your head the front, back and sides of your body, under the arms and your feet.


  • Repeat this whilst visualizing all negative energy leaving you, drifting away on the smoke of the stick or incense stick that you are using


As an Empath you will feel ‘noticeably’ more grounded and balanced once your energy field is cleared and in conjunction, if you wish with a Clearing Meditation ‘Smudging’ is an excellent way to do this.


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