Cleanse & Shield Technique for Empaths

Cleanse & Shield Technique for Empaths

What is Shielding?

Shielding is a necessary tool for the emerging empath to learn in order to protect themselves from the overload of unwanted vibrational energy that may come from others or from the environment itself. The regular use of Meditational Visualisation Technique, helps to balance the mind and body enabling you to ‘block’ incoming negative energy. Drawing on the ‘faith’ of the Empath and the power of the subconscious mind, the technique teaches you how to put into place a mental shield to repel the elements of negative energy and the negative emotions of others. It also includes protection for the empath which seems common sense if you have spent lots of time clearing your energy field, you will want to put some kind of barrier in place to protect or ‘shield’ it.

The following technique utilises a short meditational visualisation and the more you use and practice with it at home, the better you will be at keeping your energy field free of ‘debris’ and protecting yourself whenever you encounter negativity in your daily life..


Daily Grounding & Protection Video

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