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Like many people around the globe you too may have become aware of the changes within the collective consciousness. It is likely that you may be feeling the

effects of the ‘total overload’ of tensions, frustrations,

anxiety and anger that are being experienced on a

worldwide scale.


Never before have people been able to experience such ‘negative’ emotions of this scale and never before has it

been experienced by so many. Its presence is perceived as dark ‘tangible’ emotions and it can affect every aspect of the way in which we interact within our everyday lives


The Next Stage: Empaths:

The Shift In Global Consciousness


Symptoms of long term exposure to the negative energies within this current consciousness can be very ‘debilitating’ ranging from depression, tiredness, mood swings and digestive disorders to confusion, perception of time passing quicker than it used too and complete exhaustion. All of this angst and misery without you even being able to pinpoint any real reason for why you feel this way?


Mankind has become a nuclear reactor and is fast approaching meltdown, Mother Nature has stepped in, creating a genetic shift in consciousness before we are lost and too far down the road of self-destruction.


All over the world the balance is changing and a new energy is being born to combat and replace the negative effects of the old energy. This positive shift in the collective consciousness will change the way we behave towards each other and the way in which we see and live our lives forever. A more caring, loving, nurturing consciousness that may hopefully, ensure the survival of Mankind. Of course there will be those who oppose or even try to undermine its validity but this too is a pattern of behaviour that we see over and over again when someone feels threatened by something that they are not ready to accept or cannot understand for themselves and their opinion should be respected too.


Many studies have been undertaken and many spiritual teachers have confirmed that what is happening is a ‘mass awakening’ of earth’s entire population. This shift in our consciousness is happening and as time passes, more and more will embrace and accept this need for change and millions are already aware of the shift as a reality in their own lives. They are the Highly Sensitive people, empaths who have the ability to perceive the feelings the emotions of others as though they were their own. Many of them will possess additional gifts such as Clairsentience, Clairaudience, Precognition or Telepathy as an additional psychic ability or possibly a mixture of more than one.


I discovered that I was different to others from an early age, deemed as ‘Highly Strung’ or ‘Overly Sensitive’ to name but a few terms that people used to describe me. Moody, quiet even boring, they should see me after a few vodka’s! The truth was that although I didn’t know it then, I was picking up on other people’s feelings and emotions. I was being visited by Spirits (Not of the alcoholic kind) and having precognitive dreams that terrified me, especially, when I saw them on the news days, weeks or even months later. I would instinctively know the outcome of a situation and was a master of body language. There was no name for it then but as I grew older, I noticed more people like me with whom I found a common interest. I am also lucky enough to be married to my soul mate who spent the best part of his career caring for people and who is also an empath. I now know that I am not strange, boring, quiet or over sensitive and neither is he we are Empaths and proud to be so.

Site Rules:


This site is for Empaths who are already ‘Aware’ or ‘Emerging’ to the new shift in consciousness… Use it as a safe and welcoming environment to tell us about your precognitive experiences, talk to one another, share

news or events for Empaths and pass on your messages

to those who you feel, would benefit from them.


This is your platform, your home and we hope to

welcome many Empaths from all walks of life and from many countries around the world. We hope that by

sharing together we can create a ‘harmonious’ and

friendly setting that will become a valuable resource for

all of those seeking truth. We therefore ask you to

honor yourselves and the site by showing respect for

the opinions of others and to everyone with whom you communicate. We would also ask that you do not post anything that fosters disrespect, hate or ridicule of

another user.




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