What is an Empath?

What is an Empath?

Let us begin by explaining what an ‘Empath’ is not.


Non Empathic’ (NE’s)


Many people on our planet have become ‘lost’ in existence and to themselves, frustrated and angry at life, they consciously create a living reality based on aggression, fear, anger and negativity that they project outwards towards others who also become filled with the same aggression, fear, anger and negativity and so this ‘imprint’ is recreated in the masses. Many display a total ‘disrespect’ for one another which appears to have become ‘accepted practice’ in many countries around the world with ‘manners’ becoming an unknown word and a forgotten custom. Violence is ‘played with’ like a toy with each act of terrorism ‘akin’ to the ‘temper tantrum’ of a discontent child. This spreading phenomenon of widespread anger and hate has become so ‘ingrained’ that none are immune to its effects. It reaches its dark tendrils out like ‘creeping vines’ bringing down all who come into contact with it.


Mankind is on the edge of a total and ‘irreversible’ ‘meltdown’ where mistrust, suspicion, jealousy and doubt, fills the hearts of the human race across the globe and yet, people carry on their lives in total ignorance. Oblivious of the bigger picture or of what is happening around them. They slumber on in a self-imposed ‘living nightmare’ unaware of the effects that this phenomenon is having on themselves or ‘collectively’ on the whole of the Human Race. Convincing themselves that the right way to live is to look after only themselves and their own rather than contemplating or being able to visualise, how much better the world would be if everyone looked after and respected everyone else; These people have a total lack of ‘empathy’ and foster very ‘selfish’ attitudes towards life that have for them, become an acceptable way to live and although not always the case they can be perceived as arrogant and quite often self-centred.


There are also souls who are totally ‘incapable’ of feeling emotion at any level and we all hope that these are in the ‘minority’ as without emotion and feeling the path becomes a very ‘dark’ and negative one. Society’s sociopaths and narcissists also exist and ‘thrive’ amongst these groups and actively seek to bring down those by whom they feel threatened or jealous. They cannot understand empathy, care and compassion towards others and are not capable of such complex feelings themselves. Multiply this negative energy across just half of the world’s population of 7.5 billion and it is not hard to understand how such powerful emotions can influence and corrupt the disposition and balance of the whole world. These Individuals are ‘Non Empathic’ low in or totally devoid of emotion. They will likely never want or be able, to change the way they view life or others around them.



Evolving Humans.


Many of our population are unaware of or simply do not want to acknowledge that a greater sense of compassion and empathy exists inside of themselves and that they feel these ‘begging’ them to be freed. The emotion and compassion within their souls screams out to them for recognition every day and yet they deny these qualities inclusion into their lives. They begin to feel that they are no longer able to cope with the pace of life being imposed on them by an ever changing and demanding society. A large number of individuals will have no idea why they have always felt ‘different’ to other family members or why they seem to feel more at peace when they are alone. Confused and unable to think clearly they may experience anger and a sense of disappointment at world issues and events that they cannot do anything about. Equally, there are those born with a great sense of themselves but choose to keep it well hidden. They have compassion, empathy and concern for their fellow man but for some reason have ‘buried’ it since birth. Denying its presence, maybe too afraid of ‘ridicule’ they do not understand and cannot find the words to explain what is happening to them. Becoming ‘aloof’ and unwilling to share their feelings because they are not yet ready to admit to the existence of the ‘newly emerging’ consciousness within them.


They bolster up the self-built, well-constructed emotional ‘barricade’ that hides their feelings and unfortunately, this will eventually ‘tear them apart’ leaving them lonely and lost. If a greater acceptance of their needs is not fostered they may find themselves at the end of their lives, questioning where it all went wrong and why they didn’t achieve more. Not able to understand why they worked so very hard every day and yet still feel completely ‘un-fulfilled’ and discontent with their lot. Their lives passing them by whilst they had their heads buried beneath the sand. These are souls that are in need of guidance to fully ‘emerge’ and embrace their new ‘empathic’ consciousness. They may not have known how to ask for help or who to talk to and would not even have tried to seek out other empaths. By accepting themselves and their life experiences they can begin to progress their way forward, to evolve and become emotionally, well balanced individuals. Helping others without reward is reward enough, look inside to find your treasure, the feelings of excitement, warmth and love are the treasures given by the soul for the acknowledgment and display of kindness, compassion, empathy and care.


Addictive feelings that enrich our lives making us better people and more evolved human beings with a total respect for one another. Such people are ‘energy in transition’ and may stay at the same level of ‘emergence’ for their entire lives or may continue with help, to develop into the born empaths that they were meant to be with special skill sets of their own.



We will call them ’Emerging Empaths’


Why an emergence of empaths now and what might this mean for Human Genetics?










It may be that nature’s evolutionary process has recognised that our genetic code needs to be ‘modified’ to distract us from the road to ‘oblivion’ but the emergence of the ‘Empath’ is happening in ever increasing numbers. This certainly is a good point for debate as we see what is happening in the world today and also take a good hard look at the way we treat one another. The human race needs to survive and just maybe by ‘weakening’ the sociopathic, psychopathic and narcissistic tendencies overshadowing the human genome at the present time, this can happen. A species that lives its life cycle based on aggression, hatred and self-satisfaction has little or no chance of long term survival. Natural selection is based on the desirable attributes and ideals that would contribute towards the best chance of survival, maybe empaths are the next step forward in evolution and a move towards a better world.



What is a ‘Fully Developed’ Empath?


It is likely that there will be some born with abilities which were ‘dormant’ until ‘triggered’ as a result of some kind of trauma but most are born with natural abilities that have been ‘acutely’ active since early childhood. Feeling the emotions of others as well as their own is a normal part of their lives and one that is constant and ever present, there every time they close their eyes. A cross section of people who are gradually increasing in number and for whom life presents a completely different set of challenges and rewards and who are now very evident in our society. These people can actually perceive the ‘crippling stress’ that this ‘abyss’ of pain brings. It is ‘tangible’ to them and they feel it every day as it ‘emanates’ from the people around them. They are naturally able to sense what you are feeling, they hurt when you hurt and when you feel joy they are able to feel that too. Soaking up emotions like ‘dry sand’ they often know what the outcome of a situation is going to be before it happens and sometimes even the outcome of future or world events. Faced with ‘unstoppable waves’ of many varied and mixed emotions from those all around them they are ‘finally tuned’ individuals who are much more sensitive than most.


Responding with action to ‘injustice’ wherever it shows itself they seek to help bring any such issues to the public forum. They have a deep need to ‘right the wrongs’ and feel a strong desire to protect those less able than themselves often to their own detriment. They become involved in all manner of causes in the search for justice and ‘fairness’ for all and cannot abide the behaviour of ‘bullies’ who attempt to overshadow or outshout others. You will often find them taking the lead to show that however small the protest, one person can make a difference. A real force to be reckoned with when they are working alongside others who are like themselves they often develop additional abilities within their natures such as: Claircognizants, prophetic dreaming, emotional sensory perception, physical sensory perception, geomantic sensory perception, mediumship, psychometric abilities or the ability to connect with the energies of animals and nature sometimes. It is not uncommon for one person to have a mixture of these abilities. Empaths often become uncomfortable and tired when faced with social situations or large crowds and are much more at home with nature. Although most are pretty ‘clued up’ on self-protection there are also those who may not yet know how to protect themselves from the ‘deluge’ of sensations and feelings that they experience. These sensitive people are overflowing with empathy to higher degrees than would be considered average levels. Through no fault of their own they almost ‘taste’ the emotions and sometimes even feel the physical pain of others, leaving them ‘drained’ and even physically ill. This can be because they have never realised or understood what it is happening within them and have so have not felt able to action the changes they need to make to themselves and their lives to help adapt them to their newly ‘emerging consciousness’ This is the total change in physical energies that may very well be the next stage in human evolution, they are called ‘The ‘Empaths’ These people look no different to anybody else and they are not ‘super humans’ nor should they be portrayed as something from a Marvel Comic they just happen to have a few extra skills sets that others don’t…………..



Natural empaths are born and have skills that

cannot be learned but you can help your own evolution by

simply adopting the ‘conscious choices’ to be more ‘empathic’

and ‘caring’ to yourself and others, even in the face of adversity.

This immediately influences your world, helping you to develop

and adapt to new ways of thinking, helping you to accept and

take responsibility for the next step in your own evolution and

giving a helping hand to the evolution of others. To display care

and empathy leads to a greater understanding and acceptance

of yourself. It shows others that there is another way to live life

and by teaching them you help the practice to spread, little by

little, one day at a time. The world becomes a better place

starting with a small world in which you live with those you love

and care about and then, reaching out from there, developing in

successive generations who then teach successive generations

the same ethos. Educating and affecting all of those who come into contact with them and who in turn, create another small world that will understand empathy and caring as the new ‘norm’ and as the way life should be lived.


There are lots of websites, books and other ‘schools of thought’ about Empaths. Some are of the belief that empaths are ‘enlightened’ souls or ‘workers of light’ from other planes of existence that have chosen to be re-born’ into this realm of existence to show mankind the way forward. Others with more grounding in the sciences believe that our evolving genetics are changing the very working processes of our brains. Whatever your thoughts are to be born naturally ‘empathic’ is a great honour and your abilities should be ‘cherished’ not dreaded. Even if you were not born a natural empath, to accept and live the life of an emerging ‘empath’ is to take the decision to commit to a course of action that will benefit you infinitely and help to ensure the survival of Mankind forever.


There are many ‘Natural’ and ‘Emerging’ empaths out there and an abundance of help, guidance and education on the subject to help all of those who seek it…..if you are lucky enough to be a natural Empath don’t waste your gift and remember you are most certainly, not alone………..



Empath Traits.


1… Empaths are human ‘Lie Detectors’ able to tell straight

away if even the closest members of their family or loved

ones are ‘fibbing’ to them, however hard this may be.


2… A typical empath will have a great love of animals with

whom they seem to share a close emotional connection. They

are the closest thing to Dr Doolittle that you will ever meet.

Their love of nature is just as powerful and they will often

retreat to the countryside in search of solitude, to re-charge

their batteries and re-ground themselves. This quiet time is really important to an empath who needs to rest from the overload of emotions they experience on a daily basis.


3… Empaths are easily overwhelmed in crowded places, some to the point of almost becoming ‘claustrophobic’. This is because they become overloaded by the emotions of those around them.


4…. Empaths seem to ‘know all’ in the nicest possible way…. They do not need to be told anything to know what the likely outcome of a situation will be, these people have something much stronger than instinct or ‘gut feelings’.


5… The feelings of others become their own and that can be from those close by or those who may be a great distance away some can feel the physical pain of others too. You will not be able to hide your true feelings towards an empath, they will know instantly, what you think about them.


6… Watching emotional scenes on Television can be ‘excruciating’ for an empath. Programs containing violence, tragedy or cruelty, especially with animals or children, can send them running for the hills, eventually they become unable to watch television or reading newspapers altogether.


7… A true empath will always want to help the ‘underdog’ and will seek to defend those who may be bullied or suffering any kind of pain or emotional distress.


8… Everyone will seek out the true empath to ‘off load’ all of their problems and even strangers will stand and talk for as long as the empath will listen, unconsciously blurting out their whole life story complete with all of the problems that they have suffered through it all.


9… An empath will get bored or lose interest easily and needs to be kept engaged and stimulated in all areas of their lives. There can be a tendency for them to switch off and retreat into a world of their own often daydreaming their time away. They can be mistakenly, seen as ‘lazy’ this is often not the case, it is simply that they rebel against the use of emotional tactics to manipulate them and cannot be forced into doing things that they don’t want to do, this only serves to frustrate them.


10… An empath will always honour the truth and seek ‘fairness’ in all things, not being happy until everyone else sees that too. They always ‘strive’ to find answers to questions, not being able to do so leaves them frustrated and they will continue with this quest until they possess the knowledge that they were seeking.


11… Empaths like to travel and are free spirits who hate any form of ‘mess’ or ‘clutter’ which affects their clarity of thought and unbalances the flow of positive energy for them. As free spirits, they find repetitive routines restricting and the thought of having to conform to these can really bring an empath down and can actually make them ill


12… Excellent listeners, they are genuine, caring individuals who often forgo talking about their own problems to listen to everyone else’s sometimes, to their own detriment.


13… Empaths hate arrogance and egotistical people who are self-opinionated and don’t listen to others. Bullying of any kind is their pet hate and can ‘send them into orbit’. They have absolutely nothing in common with these narcissistic personalities who drain them of positive energy and prefer not to be around them.


14… Empaths are prone to mood swings and the type of mood they exhibit, depends on the energy they have absorbed from others. They can appear quiet, aloof, shy or even miserable but equally, if surrounded by positive energies they can be the life and soul of the party as well.



Common Empath Problems and Illnesses.


Lower Back Problems and digestive disorders such as IBS and stomach disorders such as ulcers, amongst numerous other conditions. The seat of the emotions, the Solar Plexus Chakra is centred in the abdomen. It is the point at which an empath feels the emotions of others and the reason why these disorders can develop, especially in emerging or ungrounded empaths.


Chronic Fatigue and ME as a result of energy being drained by the needs of others *energy vampires or by doing too much for others.


Addictions: Alcohol, drugs, sex, chocolate, over eating foods…..etc.….


These are likely in an attempt to ‘dull down’ or block out the emotions of others as a form of self-protection and also due to the pressures of constantly taking on the problems and feelings of others….


Possible Empath Career Choices:

Carers, doctors, nurses, paramedics, social workers, health advisors, healers, therapists, writers, painters, singers, dancers, actors and all career paths linked to metaphysical subjects. Empaths have a very strong creative and imaginative nature which is why you will also find many within the performing arts.




Were you born a Natural Empath?


Could you be an ‘Emerging’ empath… born with abilities that have been un-acknowledged or dormant?


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